Wendy King
Canine and Feline Behaviour Association
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Membership No: 00687)

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Home Visits

One to one sessions

These one-to-one training sessions take place either at your home, or an agreed alternative venue, and last for up to two hours. One to one sessions will cover specific training issues such as pulling on the lead, walking to heel, recalls, jumping up ect. I can also assist with all basic training such as sits, stays, general good manners, improving your relationship with your dog, clicker training, or welcoming a rescue dog into your household.

Behaviour Counselling

Pet behaviour consultations will take up to two hours, and will be conducted at the clients home, preferably with all the family present. I will initially ask about the dogs history and then advise you of a course of behaviour modification.

This will be fully explained at the consultation. Follow up support is available by phone, and occasionally a follow up consultation may be appropriate. Your commitment to continue the training and advice given is of paramount importance and essential to improve the issues identified.

Puppy Home Visits

These one-to-one lessons will take place at your home and are designed to help you begin the process of training your new puppy, as well as assisting with the many questions new puppy owners may have. I can provide advice and assistance on issues such as house training, good diet, socialisation, exercise and basic training, as well as prevention of future problems such as jumping up and pulling on the lead.

Each session will be personally designed to cover the areas particularly important to you and your puppy. There are no limitations on the age puppies need to be to start training and the visits are not dependent upon having finished the vaccination process.